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its the best

The best mm song out there. Thanks for makeing it.

starts out slow then builds up- i like

Sounds like a doom song in a way, with one constant beat and then the rest of the sounds in a constant change.

crud responds:

doom eh? a little more light hearted i hope. thanks for the awesome score!


Im horrible at makeing music, but I know a good song when I hear it. I listened to all your songs. And this is by far the best. There is only one part I dislike. Its the end. It would of been better if it faded out. Other than that, its nearly perfect

Oro responds:

Nobody is horrible, ( with the exception of amoeboy ) there is just always room to improve :]

Keep at it, man. Practice is all it takes.

Thanks for the review.


This may sound goofy, but this is my ultime favorite song. No lie. When I got my Flash kit in december, you can bet your ass im useing it. I have crazy skillz at drawing too. I have all the time in the world too.

crud responds:

a compliment is never meant to be goofy sir. you have some of the best tools available to you my friend, a keen ear, an eye for art and hands to make it all happen at once. cheers and good luck for life!


A very peaceful song. Im relaxed and its GREAT. I really do like it. Reminds me of a ocean, with a cave under water, and you see whats inside. Great adventure.

crud responds:

wow. that's a wonderful mental image. that just sounds so peaceful and awe-inspiring....if you really meant that about me song..thank you.

I dont understand

And sell it to make millions.
I'd buy it. Not shitin ya

crud responds:

as soon as their is a million order forms in the mail my friend. thank's for the CRAZY awesome review. health be with you.


Ilike it, i dont know why it doesnt have a better score it really is good:)

love it

Its good, but not as good as final duel, also it sounds like a space song to me.

ANYWAYS- good stuff. I really dont know much about music, but all i can say is its magnificent. [did i spell it right]

crud responds:

you totally spelled magnificent perfectly. and as to your knowledge of music, well you already found Aphex Twin, and now me, i'd say you have a pretty rare and desired music knowledge. thanks for the review and the high marks! dang! smoothe baby

best song on newgrounds

Very unique, very crisp, its very sweeeet shit. I like how you added the sound of swords clashing together. I listen to this song about 5 times a day, i just want to let you know how much i love it. Ill vote 5 on this every day. For the rest of my life. FOREVER

P.S.-Keep up the good work

crud responds:

It is quite a pleasure to hear you say that. Love is a beautiful thing, but love of Drum and bass and crazy fight sounds is something platonic. I will keep up my work as long as i can. thank you for the big ol tens....boom boom!

like it

raising its score from 0.00 to 5.00
haha you should love me now


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